Capital Ordnance
Firearms Dealer
Class 2 Manufacturer, NFA Weapons Sales
Machine Guns and Silencers
Located in Scottsdale, Arizona

Proud Member of Bowers' "Recommended NFA Dealers List"

Curt LaManna is an expert in FNH-USA, Heckler & Koch, Colt Firearms, Smith & Wesson,  Black powder firearms from Hand Gonnes to black powder metallic cartridge firearms, including Matchlock, Flintlock and Percussion Revolvers.

Curt consults for the film industry, screenwriters and American literature. He buys, sells and trades firearms. He has been a licensed firearms dealer since 1984. Curt consulted on the movie Rush Hour, a 1980's job for an episode for  Colombo as well as other Hollywood entertainment clients.

Please reach out to Curt if you are looking to resell guns and artillery from a deceased members family estate, he consults to help you find the best placement for resale value or as collectors items. He is also an expert antique firearms dealer.

480-221-9979 Office
We Buy, sell and trade NFA weapons and accessories.
Please call and let us make you an offer!
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